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Representing Trustees' Rights

Trustees in Hawaii have a high legal standard that requires them to complete a variety of administrative tasks and act as a fiduciary for the trust. This high expectation may lead to accusations of misconduct even if a trustee complies with all laws. Our capable lawyer defends trustees facing disputes with beneficiaries, co-trustees or other parties.

At the Law Office of Suzanne T. Terada, our Honolulu-based litigator has successfully represented Oahu trustees accused of fraud and breaches of fiduciary duty. Our attorney has practiced civil litigation for decades, and she will fight to get you the best possible outcome.

Fighting False Allegations With Trusted Counsel

Trustee litigation is complex and requires a thorough knowledge of trust law to get positive results. Attorney Suzanne T. Terada will work closely with you to understand the full context of your dispute and any allegations of misconduct. Ms. Terada will give you the personalized representation needed to fight false accusations and other claims in court.

We represent trustees facing many accusations, including:

  • Failure to document trust accounts
  • Misappropriation of trust funds
  • Financial elder abuse
  • Orders to suspend trustee powers

Probate and estate litigation often involves details that a trustee cannot control. We will work with forensic accountants and other professionals to analyze the financial details of your case. We will get the full picture of your case and present that information in court. Our lawyer has a long history of positive courtroom experiences and has years of litigation experience.

Do Not Worry — Contact Us For Help You Can Rely On

False accusations are a complex and stressful legal problem for trustees. We will guide you through the entire process and build an effective strategy for your case. Call 808-379-3534 or use our email form to schedule your evaluation with an experienced lawyer.

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