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A Comprehensive Estate Planning And Probate Attorney

At the Law Office of Suzanne T. Terada, our lawyer will strive to understand your true wishes and goals so that she can build an effective estate plan. We know that planning your estate requires you to make tough decisions about your future. Our law firm will guide you through this stressful process with knowledgeable legal counsel. We will spend the necessary time to understand your goals and then create a will or trust that accomplishes them.

Attorney Suzanne T. Terada is a Hawaii local who has spent her career building effective estate plans and defending her clients in the courtroom. For over 20 years, she has helped clients across Oahu avoid probate and litigation with well-planned trusts and wills. If you are facing probate or estate litigation, Ms. Terada will fight to get you the best possible outcome and protect your deserved assets.

An Experienced Probate And Estate Litigator

Probate is the legal process through which the court validates a will or trust after a person's death. If a will or trust does not account for debts or other claims, that may drag out the process and prevent you from receiving property or money. Our capable litigator will represent your interests in probate court and work to get you a favorable outcome.

A contested will or trust is a complex case that may pit family members against one another in the courtroom. In probate dispute, one family member is often not onboard with the "family plan," which causes issues after the family member's death. We understand that the courtroom is stressful and that for many people, this is the first time they have ever experienced a legal problem. Our lawyer will guide you through the process and strive to resolve your case in a cost-effective way.

Representation For Trustees Facing Lawsuits

Trustees must manage a variety of tasks and act as a fiduciary for the trust. Trustees have a complex and challenging job, which may cause some parties to feel that they are not meeting the obligations of the role. Attorney Suzanne T. Terada has a long history of resolving trustee conflicts between co-trustees, beneficiaries and other parties related to the trust. Ms. Terada provides trustees with personalized and effective representation in probate court.

Speak With A Compassionate Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning is a difficult process that requires you to answer uncomfortable questions about your future. Attorney Suzanne T. Terada will listen closely to your wishes and resolve underlying problems that may cause conflicts. To speak with our proven lawyer, call 808-379-3534 or send us a private email. If you are an AARP member, we offer a free half-hour phone consultation.

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